Suginami Police Station|Tokyo, Japan

Suginami Police Station 【 Driver's License, Garage Certificate, etc 】

Suginami Police Station|Tokyo, Japan
Police Station Address / Jurisdictional District Phone・Fax
Police Station
4-38-16 Narita Higashi, Suginami Ku, Tokyo 166-0015 TEL: 03-3314-0110
【Jurisdictional District】Suginami Ku, Tokyo...Asagaya-kita, Asagaya-minami, Ogikubo(1 chome[except for a part of No.2, from No.3 to No.6, from No.19 to No.35], 2 chome[except for from No.6 to No.10, a part of No.11, No.12, No.13, from No.17 to No.38, No.39, one part of each No.42 and No.43, No.44], 3 chome[except for a part of No.31, from No.32 to No.34, a part of No.35, from No.36 to No.38, each one part of No.39 and No.47, No.48]), Koenji-kita, Koenji-minami, Narita-nishi, Narita-higashi, Horinouchi(2 chome, 3 chome), Matsunoki, Wada

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